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Hello Friends,

As a company that champions innovation, we understand that change is constant. The world around us changes perpetually, technology progresses and becomes more powerful at an exponential pace, and we, as people, must grow and adapt in response to our changing realities.


At Arche, we have always believed that by embracing change, we can shape our actions to navigate through these uncertain times, and emerge in a future that we participated in shaping – a future that we all collectively deserve. We now have at our disposal the tools and technologies needed to create a more sustainable economy, better-connected communities, and to improve access to emerging and exciting opportunities. 


However, with so much change surrounding us, it can feel impossible to plan towards uncertainty, to prioritize our actions, and to find the time to think long-term, when there is never enough time in the day. This is how Arche can help – by tackling the tasks that seem impossible.


In 2024, a new Arche will emerge, as we continue to work with regions, municipalities, academic institutions and private enterprises to guide them into the future. We created a more focused offering and process of conceptualizing, planning and implementation of what we call, “Transformative Projects.” These projects are personalized to your current reality and designed to provide a participatory process that responds to a real need, while also increasing your organizational capacity to plan future innovative projects.


Transformational Projects can take different forms; for municipalities, we design innovation processes, develop economic diversification strategies, or build a smart city roadmap for decision makers. For academic institutions, we establish new programs that valorize intellectual property or which build new bridges towards collaboration with the public or private sectors. For companies and NGOs, we design and deliver personalized innovation procedures that align with strategic goals. Using our vast multi-sectoral experience, we understand what’s important to you, and deliver change at the pace of your organization. 


We know that truly positive change takes time, planning, and dedication. Your organization’s future does not need to be a destination; rather, it can be a path that each organization paves for itself. As a new Arche emerges In the coming years, our mission will remain to “Prepare the world for the Era of perpetual innovation©,” and to provide everyone with the opportunity to prosper in the new economy. 


If you are ready to transform, let’s take the first steps together. Connect with our team today!

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