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At Arche, we believe that everyone has the ability to meaningfully participate in the innovation process – in the planning, preparation, execution, and implementation of the project. 


Re-Innovate was born from the idea that innovation should be accessible to everyone. In the summer of 2019, Arche launched an internal division called Re-Innovate. The purpose of this division was to develop training programs and experiential learning initiatives designed to unleash the innovator that exists within each person. 


We have since refined our offerings, and are now proud to present structured training programs that provide the tools to plan any innovation project, to visualize outcomes and impacts, and to move forward with your project in confidence.


Using our vast knowledge and experience gained through our Arche consulting work, Re-Innovate now offers four distinct products:


  • Future Vision Planning Workshops: Designed for the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, these workshops offer a full day of discovery and vision-building that will help your organization envision its future, and navigate the path ahead with confidence.

  • The S.U.P.P.E.R. method: Designed for planning digital transformation projects, our internally developed S.U.P.P.E.R. workshops use a unique visual process that will guide your team through the various planning stages and impacts to consider before you begin to act or invest in a new solution for your organization. 

  • Urban Innovation Workshops: Our most popular workshops, designed specifically for municipalities, this day-long process has helped many local decision-makers plan innovative projects for their territory. A day filled with discovery and inspiration, we work with your municipal team and local ecosystem to explore the various stages of developing an urban innovation project. From regulatory considerations to the impact on citizens and beyond, we explore the diverse factors shaping the path forward.

  • Re-Innovate Conferences: Looking for inspiration? Invite our founder, Noah Redler, to deliver a 60-90 minute presentation that will broaden your horizons and ignite your desire to innovate. We offer three distinct conference models, each personalized to the audience: 

    • How I became an innovator, and how you can too! - A 60-minute presentation on the path that led Noah Redler from a political science student to one of Canada's most experienced innovators. 

    • Technology X + You: In this 75-minute presentation, Noah explores the impacts of an emerging technology – AI, smart cities, blockchain, IoT, or others – tailored to your organization or sector.

    • Welcome to the “Era of perpetual innovation©”: In our most popular conference, Noah explores the emerging innovation economy that is at our doorstep. Discover the basics of emerging innovation practices, and how you can start planning innovation for your organization. 


Whatever your needs, our Re-Innovate team is ready to ignite your desire for innovation. In the coming months, we will launch a new website, but our programs are available now! Connect with our team today to activate the innovator in yourself! 


All the best, 


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